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Lehi City: A Family-Centric Community

Posted Category: Mayor's Posts.

Nothing makes our community feel like more like family than the many wonderful events we have throughout the year. This summer we were able to enjoy Round-Up Week, the 24th of July Splash Party, outdoor movies, and Heritage Day. These events wouldn’t be possible without the many hours offered by employees and volunteers. I want to thank Melanie Hansen (events coordinator), Pam Gordan (Lehi Round-Up Week Chair), Stan Lewis (Civic Improvement Association) and Lara Bangerter (Historical Archives Director), and the many residents that support them. Thank you all for your service and hours you sacrifice to make these events happen.

This month we will have another event that relates so closely to our goal in Lehi, to remain a family-centric community. Family Week takes place the week of Thanksgiving, November 18-24. This will be the 18th year of Family Week. In 2000, then council member Johnny Barnes started Lehi Family Week. Though our community has grown immensely, this event continues to remind us to focus on family and give thanks for our loved ones, no matter what your family may look like. Thank you to Johnny, Heather Miller (Family Week Chair) and her committee for making this event a reality every year. Come out and support Family Week and all of its activities, including the kick-off event on Sunday night at Sky Ridge High School.

With winter just around the corner I just wanted to remind each of you about the snow removal ordinance Lehi has and ask for your help in this matter. The snow removal ordinance reads:

*No person shall park a vehicle, car, truck, trailer, RV, ATV trailer, box trailer or such like items on any street from November 1 to March 30 between the hours of 10:00 P.M. and 7:00 A.M. Overnight parking on any street, during the period herein specified, is hereby prohibited.

No person shall park or leave a vehicle on any street during any snowstorm, nor shall a vehicle be parked on the street within twenty four (24} hours after the end of such storm.*

The ordinance is there to protect our vehicles, the city’s equipment, and us. The snowplows are large and are not easy to maneuver. Let’s all do our part this snow season to help so the Streets Department can clean the roads faster and more efficiently.

Thanks to our streets superintendent Wade Allred and his crew for the many hours they put in to keep our roads clear. Wade’s department does an awesome job with snow removal. Sometimes as citizens, we’re not so patient and we want them to come to our area first, but they will get to you as fast as they can. I hope that we get a lot of snow this year so we have ample water next spring and summer.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and give thanks for Family, Friends and the blessings we have.

-Mike Southwick

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