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Join us for Beautify Lehi Month

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April is Beautify Lehi Month. Spring is here and it is time to clear away the effects of winter. I encourage you to look for opportunities to improve your property and your neighborhood.  Let’s get our yards clean and ready for spring.  Green waste service is now available, so take advantage of getting your bushes and lawns ready for a great year.

What a ride this past winter has been. We have been blessed with a lot of moisture and the snow pack will help us throughout the year. Now we face potential flooding if the temperatures rise too quickly. We are preparing for mountain runoff by cleaning out all of our water channels. You can prepare by signing up for our Everbridge emergency alert system. Just visit If we can’t reach you, we can’t alert you.

No doubt you have noticed the many construction projects going on throughout our city. 200 West is closed between 500 North to 900 North as we improve the waste ditch. This project will help with our spring runoff and should be completed by the beginning of May. Triumph Boulevard is under construction to improve the storm drain system. This should be completed by the middle of April.

We are excited for the skatepark to open in May. This has been 20 years in the making and will be a great benefit to our city. The fire station in Traverse Mountain is progressing rapidly. We have already purchased property for the city’s fourth fire station and have begun looking for a site for a fifth station.

The annual Lehi City Expo will be April 27 at Legacy Park, the square just south of the Legacy Center. Join us as each department provides information, free food, and demonstrations. You can even take a ride in a power bucket truck and tour our emergency vehicles. There is something for the entire family. Come see what the city is doing to ensure Lehi is a premier, family-centric community.

Almost weekly I am privileged to meet with scout groups. I nearly always get asked, “What can I do for the City?” I remind those young men that we each can work to keep our city clean. We also discuss the importance of the type of language we use. Some grownups use language that would tilt a sailor’s hat. We hear words on our own streets that are downright offensive. Some people need to rinse their mouth with toilet cleaner just to remind them of how dirty their mouth can be.

Now, I don’t claim to be perfect, but I believe bad language and trash fall into the same category. No one wants to hear it or look at it. People choose to live in our city because of the beauty they see, not to be turned off by the garbage they hear. I believe our young people deserve the best opportunities with the best role models. It’s important to keep our community clean and watch what we say.

Take time to clean what needs to be cleaned and tell a young person how much you care about them. Don’t do or say anything you wouldn’t want to be repeated. Love more, complain less, and be grateful.

Mayor Bert Wilson

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