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Hats Off to Our Teachers

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School is back in session and that surely has messed up the plans of some of our kids. It’s hard to imagine that school is more fun than swimming, playing ball, and eating snow cones. But school is a necessary part of life, so we support it.

I’ve heard about the range of emotions children feel when they find out who has been assigned to be their teacher. I’m sure that my teachers felt like they drew the short straw because I was in their class. Our teachers get paid little and invest much in their classes. My hat goes off to any teacher that is willing to work for the money that they do. It takes a lot of love to be one and I personally appreciate it.

In August we spent many hours getting safe school routes marked, finishing up sidewalks, and staffing crossing guards to make sure our kids are safe on their way to school. Now it is up to us to make sure we slow down and pay attention. It has been said, “If you love the Lord—honk; if you want to meet Him—text.” Don’t risk the life of a child or crossing guard. If you need to text, pull off to the side of the road first.

Our water projects are coming along well.  We have a 2.3 million gallon culinary tank under construction on the west side of Lehi and Dry Creek basin is being planned to house more irrigation water and recreation sources.  We are running new lines to get the water where it needs to be as developments grow.

I sat in a meeting in August where we discussed why businesses are coming to Utah. The speaker gave five reasons: (1) People in Utah know how to work; (2) employees get to work on time; (3) employees pass the drug test; (4) property doesn’t walk out the back door; and (5) employees are well-trained at our great colleges and universities. This seems to say that the people in Utah are pretty good people to be around.

I ask our residents on a regular basis why they moved to Lehi?  Most common they say “my job is here, there was a place to build, and we love our neighborhood.”  People feel warm and welcome and their neighbors are to be thanked.  We are a very friendly city and people enjoy the lifestyle, traditions, and family values.  What a great place for all of us to live.

Be safe and take time to enjoy what you have.  Life is not always easy but we all gain from the experiences.

Mayor Bert Wilson

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