Be Grateful, Be Kind, and Extend a Helping Hand

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I think we can all agree to be grateful that the elections are over. I don’t remember an election when things were so ugly and downright dirty as they were this year. It’s time for us as a society and community to move forward and support our elected official. Hate has certainly caused a lot of problems, but, to my knowledge, it has never solved a single one. So, let’s all resolve to be the bigger person and overcome our disagreements.

It’s time during this holiday season to consider what we have been given and how blessed we really are. The number of prescriptions in our cupboards reminds us that we don’t have perfect health, but we are blessed to have many doctors and transportation to go and see them. I hope we will all be able to sit down with friends and family during the holidays and relish in the comforts and the company that we enjoy. In my opinion, we often take those things for granted.
Thank you to all those good neighbors who have been raking and cleaning their yards and extending a helping hand. We have had exceptional weather this fall, but I’m hoping for some moisture soon. I would love to see the mountain peaks with deep snow, both for the skiers and for our water supply next year.

Snow in the valleys keeps our streets division busy plowing Lehi roads. Did you know that there are 484 lane miles to plow during and after a storm?  That is equivalent to driving to Cedar City and back. After multiple passes, our snow crews average 4,000 lane miles during a storm. If they don’t get to your street right away, just think that they are somewhere between here and Cedar City in lane miles. They will get to you as soon as they can. If you feel like they are doing a great job, feel free to wave at them and say thanks.

Help our streets division out by keeping the roads clear during and after a storm. Move your cars and put away your garbage cans so they don’t hinder snow removal. Don’t try to pass a snow plow; it’s just not safe. Please be patient if one of our plows fills your newly shoveled driveway or sidewalk with snow. They are just trying to keep our roads clear and safe. For information on snow removal priorities and resident responsibilities, check out the Snow Removal Brochure online at

From my family to yours, have a Happy Holiday season. Be grateful, share what you have, and be kind to one another.
Mayor Bert Wilson


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