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Power On

Power On

In an effort to serve you better during
a power outage, we need you to

update your telephone
numbers with Lehi City!

Introducing Lehi City’s new “PowerOn” Program! With your updated telephone numbers, our
computers will recognize your address and a technician will be dispatched to your address.


What do you want me to do?
Fill out the form below and send it to us. Or call 385.201.1000 and update your information. No matter which method you choose, please update your information ASAP.

Why do I need to update my numbers?
Our goal is to provide you with reliable service and keep any power interruptions to a minimum. Your telephone numbers are our direct link to your address. Your updated information will help us get your power restored faster.

You can also opt in to our text service by texting “lehi” to 85700.

What should I do if there is a power outage?
Call 801.376.0681 or if your are opted  in to our text service simply text “out” to 85700. If you have registered your telephone numbers with Lehi City, the computer will recognize your address and a technician will be dispatched right away

Are my numbers kept confidential?
Yes. Lehi City will not share your numbers with any other organization.

Don’t you already have all of my numbers?
We need every number that you could be calling from during a power outage. Even if you have given us your numbers in the past, please update your information and provide us with your current home, work, and cell phone numbers. Thank you!

Call 385.201.1040
Power out?
Call 801.376.0681



Submit This Form to Request Power On