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Lehi Cityscape

Experience Lehi’s History with a Mobile Tour

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Have you heard that downtown Lehi is one of the most popular places for one of the latest and greatest interactive activities? No, I’m not talking about Pokémon Go! However, drive through downtown Lehi and you’ll notice how popular Pokémon Go really is. I’m talking about an interactive tour of historical sites in Lehi that a local Eagle Scout candidate created for his project.

Last year, Bryant Gunnell of BSA Troop 917 said, “I wanted to do something different for my Eagle project – something everyone is in to.”

His mother suggested a Lehi scavenger hunt. After consulting with the Lehi Archives and finding PocketSights (an app that facilitates self-guided walking tours for mobile users), Bryant decided to create an interactive walking tour for his Eagle Project.

The tour is 2.6 miles long and should take you about 1.5 hours to walk. It includes 16 stops, which include the Lehi Roller Mills, the location of the old Lehi tabernacle, and the old Lehi fort wall. There are driving and walking instructions and a GPS guidance feature on the app.

You can download the app free in the App Store or Google Play by searching for PocketSights. Once you open the app, and if you are in Lehi, the app will automatically show the Lehi tour as the top option. The app also includes a tour of Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

“Lehi history fascinates me,” said Gunnell. “I hope others are interested in it and will like Lehi as much as me.”

We have all seen many changes in Lehi over the years and we will continue to see changes in the future. Buildings that we hoped would last forever will be replaced with new buildings that our future generations will work hard to preserve and maintain. Thanks to Bryant, the Lehi Archives, The Lehi Historical Society, and many others, memories of these landmarks and historical sites will be preserved. We should take advantage of those opportunities to learn about them.

I encourage everyone to download the app, get out with your families, and experience Lehi’s wonderful history. Even though Lehi is one of the fastest growing cities in the state and country, we have a rich history that we should always cherish. Maybe if we get enough of us out on the tour, we’ll outnumber the Pokémon Go masses. They may even follow our lead and join the tour…after they capture a Charizard.

Councilman Johnny Revill

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