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What a crazy year for weather.  With the constant changes in weather, it has been good to bring the water off the mountains and we keep adding more moisture every time it rains and snows on top.  I would hope that as the lakes fill and the rivers flow we can avoid flooding issues.  I’m sure that we are going to see some extreme high water and that we are going to see some flooding in areas of town.  I would just say, stay away from the creeks and ditches and don’t go looking just for fun.  Ditch banks cave in and people slip and drownings do occur. Be safe and stay away.

One of the problems we are faced with is growing out of park areas to keep up with the growth, but I want to thank all of our parks employees for making life great for all of us with what we have. We have the ability to go and enjoy the playgrounds, picnic areas, or just relax under a tree. The compliments just keep coming on how good everything looks.  I look at the cemetery and see how beautiful it is and how much work goes into keeping it up.  It makes Memorial Day very memorable for all who have loved ones buried there.  I go to the ball fields and watch my grandchildren play soccer and baseball.  The fields are like ants with all the kids playing and running around.  It’s a good feeling to have something these young people can do with great coaches and parents who care for the youth.  Many hours are spent working with these kids and that is many hours that kids are not playing video games or being couch potatoes.  Playing and exercise has never killed anyone yet, but it has scared a few to death.

Just a reminder about garage and yard sales.  It is illegal to place signs of any type on power poles and street signs or on public property.  Signs clutter up intersections and make safety issues and they make a mess when the wind blows them down.  Do yourself a favor and avoid these areas.  A small ticket is more than most people make on a garage sale so save yourself some money and embarrassment by not hanging signs in the wrong place.

Also, I want to remind everyone that our Lehi Celebration is close at hand.  It is the week of June, 18-24.  There are more activities to attend than the mind can comprehend. There will be something every day for the whole family.  The stock parade will be on Thursday evening June 22, and the miniature parade will be Friday night and Saturday morning.  Our world famous Rodeo will be Thursday-Saturday.  Get you tickets now and plan on attending a great production of fun thrills and excitement. For those who have been to the Lehi Celebration events, we will see you again. For those who have not been, take a chance and do something out of the ordinary. Give your family a taste of good family entertainment.  Lehi is built on good family values and traditions.  Join in and have something to look forward to every year and give your kids something to come home for.

Thanks again for those who work so hard to make Lehi great.  Without good employees and volunteers it wouldn’t be impossible.  Thanks to the kids that participate in the many activities and sports in the community.  When you are doing something you are not doing nothing.  We all need to do more.  Give a hand, take a walk, smell the roses, and be grateful you can.  Keep up the good work.


-Mayor Bert Wilson

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