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By the time this newsletter is published the primary election will be over and we’ll be down to the top 6 candidates moving onto the general election in November to fill 3 seats. The first time I ran in 2011 there were 13 candidates for 3 seats and I remember posting on Facebook about signing up to run and how many candidates there were. One of my friends I grew up with in Midland, MI that was living in a suburb of Detroit at the time reached out to me and told me there were times in their city they didn’t have enough people register to run to fill the seats.

At times, I think we take for granted how lucky we are to live in a city where there are so many capable people willing to step up, with 14 candidates this year for the 3 open seats.

While we’re fortunate to have so many people willing to run for office there are so many other opportunities to serve in our city outside of the elected positions that really make our city great. When it comes to public safety we have a large CERT team that helps at community events and is trained to help in the event of an emergency. We have a VIPS team that helped to control/ direct traffic during the Round-Up parades. The Historical Preservation Commission that helps preserve the rich history of the city that we’re privileged to call home. The Parks, Trails, and Trees committee that coordinates with our parks department to help in identifying needs throughout the city. The Lehi Arts Council which puts on productions in a cramped theater showcasing local talent and rivaling bigger theater productions throughout the valley. The Library  Board that helps ensure we’re maximizing the service the library provides. The Literacy Center helping our citizens  young and old with reading and math skills. It’s the people that serve on these and other committees in the city that  make us one of the fastest growing cities in the country and I think one of the best!

If you’ve ever had an interest in serving in the city in some capacity I’d recommend you check out the
following page on the city website ( which lists many of the service organizations I mentioned and how you can get involved. If you know someone that has or is currently serving on some sort of committee take a moment to thank them for helping make Lehi the great community we get live in!

– Paul Hancock

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