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Catch the Conservation Vision

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I have been asked many times about Lehi City’s water supply and if we will be having water restrictions this year. We have 10 irrigation storage facilities in Lehi City. At capacity, we have the ability to store 174 acre feet of water (56.7 million gallons). This capacity will increase by 28 percent once the Jordan River reservoir is operating and even more after completion of the planned Dry Creek reservoir. It is true that these numbers represent a significant amount of water and under normal conditions, there is an adequate supply to provide our citizens the water they need to irrigate their property.

Of course storage means little without the consideration of use. In our hot summer months, demand for this water will likely exceed 37.8 million gallons every day. This adds significant pressure to our ability to replenish the storage supply. Now if you are following the math, you can see that in 1 day our water storage could be reduced by roughly 65 percent. Of course, we work to continue to supply our reservoirs, but when the temperature turns hot, it becomes a difficult task to stay ahead of the usage.

In the next few weeks, the City Council will be determining if water restrictions are necessary. My hope is that everyone will catch the “conservation” vision and understand that it is simply good practice to find opportunities to conserve and apply thoughtful management of your irrigation systems. I have asked staff to focus on distributing the information needed to help all our citizens become “water wise” so that we will all have the water we need.

Putting into practice simple changes can make a big difference. Reduce the amount of water needed by turning off your sprinklers during wet weather, changing to drip systems where practical, and applying mulch to planter beds and gardens. Finally, make sure your sprinklers are only watering one-half inch of water per cycle. As temperatures rise, you may need to water more frequently.

Please take the time to visit and for conservation tips and information. Regardless of whether or not we have restrictions in place, we can all work together to conserve our resources and plan for our future.


-Mayor Johnson

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