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Caring Hands in a Critical Time of Need

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The weather is changing and it’s time to get out your sweaters and coats. I remember as a young man that Lehi had four seasons every year. Now it seems that we are down to three: hot, hotter, and winter. Maybe I just enjoy spring and fall the most because I’m getting older; regardless, I don’t think the weather is going to change for my sake.

I recently witnessed first-hand the quality of Lehi’s first responders. This past month I was visiting a friend as he was very ill. It became necessary to call 911 and our Fire Department arrived in almost seconds. They performed emergency procedures and loaded my friend into the ambulance. My friend’s wife was invited to ride with them to the hospital.

Our EMTs and fire fighters could not have been more respectful and kind. I appreciated all of their efforts and concern and I would feel very comfortable having these guys care for me or my family. What great people we have to care for us in that critical time of need.

We never know when our police and fire will need to respond to an emergency or disaster. Rest assured that they are continually training to be prepared for an emergency. In October our police and fire joined agencies from across the county to participate in mass casualty training scenarios. We hope that we never experience such a tragedy, but our first responders are prepared. We really have the best firefighters and police officers. They are good people, even if they have to give some of us special awards for not paying attention while driving.

Winter is approaching, but we are still wrapping up a few road projects. These take time and often involve years of planning. If you think it’s tough right now to get a contractor to finish your basement, just try to find one to build a road in a timely manner. We are addressing issues and improving infrastructure at 2100 North and 2300 West; Center Street and 2600 North; North Cabela’s Boulevard, and other small projects. Thank you for your patience.

We have also been in discussions with UDOT and American Fork on the Vineyard Connector Road. This road isn’t scheduled until 2025-2034, but we want to make sure we are ahead of the game. While this is in American Fork, we understand that it will have an effect on our residents. We are working in behalf of our residents to make sure this road has little to no impact on our community.

Now as we approach the holiday season, it’s time to buy more candy.  I used to think that Halloween was for kids, sugar highs, and dental bills.  Now I think it’s for the parents as they eat all the good stuff.  I have some neighborhood kids that bring me their Almond Joys each year because they know I like them.  It’s great to live where I do.

Enjoy the holidays. Appreciate where you live and the people you live by.  Be nice to everyone because it’s the right thing to do. Take the time to hug your family and tell our youth how special they are.


– Mayor Bert Wilson

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