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A Prepared Community

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I doubt anyone anticipated the incredible amount of water we have received this winter. Particularly following two of the driest years on record. But now, here we are considering our strategies for dealing with an excess of what we had so little of the last two years. The recent drought, however, has unexpectedly provided us with some opportunities to prepare for this year’s anticipated water runoff. Lehi City, along with the rest of Utah, is taking critical steps to help manage high flows.

Along the Wasatch Front reservoirs are being prepared to receive more water this year.  Lehi City has a new storage facility on the Dry Creek water system. The facility has an increased capacity and a better system to help regulate discharge.

Still, there is plenty to do to plan for potential flooding. I am asking all citizens to consider their own property’s risk. I have been asked by citizens what each of us can and should do to prepare, so Lehi City is providing helpful information. First, it is important to know your risk and take preventive actions to protect your home from potential water damage. A few things to consider from the USU Emergency Preparedness Team are:

  • Know the elevation of your property in relation to streams, and other waterways.
  • Clear debris or snow from your gutters and downspouts to help prevent water from backing up and seeping into your home.
  • Keep water out of window wells by checking to see if the ground is sloped away from the house.
  • If there is potential for water entering your home, prepare for a way to remove water with a sump pump or other drainage system.
  • Contact your local insurance agent to review your policy and discuss flood insurance.
  • Be aware of weather conditions and flood warnings in your area.
  • Sign-up for emergency alerts like Everbridge Alert System ( )

I encourage everyone to check out the information and resources provided by the City which may be vital this year. Visit the Flood Information page. 

Let’s all hope for warm days but cold nights this spring, which will help regulate all the snow melt. We must prepare ourselves and be willing to help our neighbors where needed. This will keep us stronger as a community.

-Mayor Mark Johnson

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